Sukkah 2004 / 5765

Temporary shelter made from salvaged steel angle frames and salvaged masonite panels.

Status: built September and dismantled October 2004

A nearby business was undergoing an interior remodel, and their cast offs were just too tempting to pass up, especially since steel is way above our usual budget. Just one trip in our biodiesel Volkswagen garnered all our materials this year for free.

Since we do not have the tools to cut or weld steel at our home, the size and layout of this year's shelter was determined by the dimensions of the steel frames as we found them. The wall panels were already painted green, and just needed to be cut to size with a hand saw. The red sign made a perfect transom for our doorway.

Aesthetically this year's sukkah did not win any beauty prizes, nor did it add any charm to our festive meals. You get what you pay for, I suppose. The proportions were overly generous, which made trips to the buffet for seconds easier than in other years.

Materials cost nothing and construction took one day. The sukkah was dismantled at the end of the holiday week and stealthily returned to the dumpster from whence it first came. At least the green panels will have a good story to tell to their fellow refuse at the landfill.