Sukkah 2001 / 5762

Temporary shelter made from new steel poles and new scrim cloth.

Status: built and dismantled October 2001

This sukkah exploited the fact that we dine in it at night by candlelight. The fabric "walls" are made of $30 worth of theater scrim, which is opaque to a viewer on the side that is lit, but transparent to someone on the dark side. All day, the interior is obscured to passersby. But at dusk, when we light candles inside, the interior glows and our dinner party is visible within.

Additionally, like a shadow theater, the candle flames cast our shadows onto the fabric, where they created moving images for viewers on the outside. Unfortunately, there is no way to photograph this effect.

For the covering, thanks to the University of Washington's botanical greenhouse for offering their rare and exotic brush pile.

The frame is made of standard chain link fencing poles and connectors, which cost about $60. Construction took one day. The sukkah was dismantled at the end of the holiday week and the poles were saved for future use.