Sukkah 1999 / 5760

Temporary shelter made from salvaged shipping palettes and new electrical conduit.

Status: built September and dismantled October 1999

This "urban refuse" shelter is made from shipping palettes and electrical conduit. The prefabricated modular wall panels are stacked two courses tall and screwed together. The rafter poles are fastened with conduit clamps. Brush for the roofing was scavenged from a dump pile at a nearby city park.

The compact size of this sukkah gave it an enclosing character that we enjoyed. The palettes' staggered slats made the walls obscure when viewed head on, but open when viewed at an angle. This dual open/closed quality exposed and connected us to the world beyond the walls even as we felt secure within them.

Materials cost about $20 for the conduit (the palettes were free) and construction took half a day. The sukkah was dismantled at the end of the holiday week and the palettes were saved for future use.