Sukkah 2006 / 5767

Temporary shelter made from salvaged lumber scraps, salvaged wood door frame, and salvaged corrugated plastic patio cover.

Status: built and dismantled October 2006

A nearby demolition provided the materials for our sukkah this year. The patio cover panels worked great for the walls, but they were too ugly to be left unadorned. So, we decided on a grunge twist this year with graffiti thematic for the holiday.

The kids' reaction was predictable: "Sweet! That is totally rad!" (teenage speak for "we like that idea, Dad"). A friend donated nearly spent cans of old spray paint, so we did not have to feel guilty about buying toxic chemicals.

The weather was cold but clear, except for one day of rain. This sukkah was taller than we usually build, and the interior had no feeling of intimacy at all. The exterior drew not a single comment from the neighbors, but by now they are convinced that we are completely crazy.

Materials cost nothing and construction took one day. The sukkah was dismantled at the end of the holiday week and the materials were returned to the dumpster for eventual disposal in a landfill.