Sukkah 2017 / 5778

Temporary shelter made from salvaged steel roofing, steel purlins, and acrylic panels.

Status: built and dismantled in October 2017.

Doodling ideas for this year's sukkah design, I was inspired by the magnificent Air Force Academy Chapel. The canted walls soar skyward, colored acrylic panels create a "stained glass" window for the west wall, and the plant cuttings appear to hover above the table.

Some clients were demolishing the roof of their garage which provided the source for this year's salvage materials.  This was the first year working mostly with steel material.  Because steel is so strong, the frame members could be thin and elegant.  Pairs of screws at each joint were sufficiently rigid that this sukkah did not need diagonal bracing to remain stable.

The dimensions of this sukkah are based on the exact sizes of the materials inherited and the available footprint of our front yard. The steel frame members are 122" long, the siding is 104" tall which is exactly half of the inherited roofing panels, the width of the footprint is 8' by 9' to fit our yard, and the width at the top exactly fits two 19" by 36" acrylic panels.  Working within these constraints, I used my eye for proportion and scale to determine the overall size and layout.

At the end of the holiday week, the structure was dismantled, the screws were saved for future projects, and the steel frame and steel roofing were recycled.  The colorful acrylic panels were left over from a student art class and are as good as new, ready to be reused again.