Sukkah 2016 / 5777

Temporary shelter made from election yard signs.

Status: built and dismantled in September 2016.

In this supercharged 2016 election year, our sukkah simply had to speak to the political climate.  The August primary elections provided ample waste material for construction.  This sukkah is built from 50 yard signs, symbolically one for each state in the union.  They are installed upside down partly as commentary on the whole election process and partly to indicate that the candidates on these signs were the losers in our primary.

Election yard signs are made from two faces of polypropylene plastic with ribs between in a cellular structure somewhat like corrugated cardboard.  The square shaped cells run vertically which allows metal wire to be inserted into the cells to hold the signs upright.

I exploited the wire insertion method to connect signs to each other both vertically and horizontally.  The exterior of the sukkah is a zig zag folded wall of signs, lightweight yet quite sturdy.  It is unable to carry any weight, however.  So the branches of the roof are held aloft by an independent wood trellis structure made from salvaged fir flooring boards.

Even though the plastic yard signs and the metal wickets that hold them up are both made from recyclable material, there is no ability to actually recycle them in Seattle.  That means that not only did this year's sukkah end up in the landfill, but so does every one of the election yard signs that litter our city every two years.  There must be a better way!