Sukkah 2013 / 5774

Temporary shelter made from discarded furniture.

Status: built and dismantled September 2013

For this year's sukkah I turned to an abundant source of salvaged materials: the curbsides in my neighborhood. Every piece of furniture was collected within a 1/2 mile by 1 mile area, over a 3 week period in August 2013 (see red dots in map above).

When you consider that my collection area is but a fragment of my city, which in turn is a minuscule bit of our country, it boggles the mind to consider how much unwanted junk furniture gets discarded in the USA.

And junk it was. The cheap materials and shoddy construction of every piece destined them for the landfill from the day each was made. Only quality furniture of enduring value enjoys a long life in antique shops and people's homes.

Ironically, my collection of "free" furniture cost a whopping $140 to discard at the landfill plus $60 to rent the truck to haul it there. No wonder people leave this useless stuff on the sidewalk!

For the roof, bamboo struts support a salvaged rattan chair dome in the center. The branches cast an intricate shadow pattern on the insides of the stacked furniture. Each couch stands on its own, and the stacked chairs are surprisingly stable.

The weather was glorious all week long, except for one memorable evening when a rogue shower drenched us in minutes.