Sukkah 2012 / 5773

Temporary shelter made from salvaged plastic lumber.

Status: built and dismantled October 2012

The demolition of a nearby deck provided the raw material for our sukkah this year, for no cost (screws cost $10). The boards are HDPE plastic, themselves made from 100% recycled milk jugs. They have more flex than wood boards, so I decided to form a curved wall instead of squared walls. The boards were used in the lengths we got them, which is about six feet.

As in the source deck, the boards were installed with gaps between to simplify the joinery and to admit a restricted view and daylight through the walls. Every fourth board is set to the interior to give the wall surface some rhythm. At the doorway I simply left out a few boards.

For the roof, jute twine was woven in a Spirograph pattern to leave an oculus opening in the center. The criss crossing twine provides support for the branches everywhere else except for the center hole.

The weather was warm during the day and chilly but clear at night. Another Sukkot without rain. This design was both roomy enough to be comfortable and sufficiently enclosed to feel private and cozy.

At the end of the week, the boards were sold through Craig's List and went on to become somebody else's new (salvaged) decking.