Sukkah 2010 / 5771

Temporary shelter made from salvaged PVC poles and salvaged cloth.

Status: built and dismantled September 2010

Sometimes the muse abandons my imagination. The day before the holiday found me with no concept for this year's sukkah. So I went with a familiar primitive shelter, perhaps the most iconic of the Americas.

Unfortunately, teepees do not succeed at a reduced scale. Their steep walls quickly reduce headroom and interior space to the uninhabitable. We could not even sit on chairs, but instead crouched on low stones and ate from plates perched on our laps. To make matters worse, it rained nearly every day and the wet cloth sagged inwards.

Materials cost only $20 for a few PVC poles. The cloth was free, salvaged from a drama warehouse.

I did learn the technique for lashing the poles together near the top, then splaying each pole around the perimeter. Done properly, a considerable weight can be hung from a rope in the center and supported by the legs.

At the end of the week, the poles were returned for full credit and the cloth was dried, folded, and stored for future uses.