Sukkah 2009 / 5770

Temporary shelter made from salvaged lumber, salvaged wood lath, and used bed sheets.

Status: built and dismantled October 2009

After such a spare simple sukkah last year, it was time to get complex. This year's design is two concentric octagons, each rotated relative to the other, with our dining table forming the third octagon, also rotated.

The aesthetic of this sukkah was inspired by an old wood roller coaster. Its structure is prominently visible and external to the space enclosed. The wood members map the structural loads as they trace down, yet in reverse they lead the eye skywards.

The weather was glorious! Not a drop of rain the entire week, a first for normally rainy Seattle. Our al fresco dining was enhanced by a full moon if we dallied long enough over wine and conversation.

Materials cost only $16, a must given the dire state of the national economy. Since we had saved the wood panels from last year's sukkah, we dismantled them and reused the pieces to build this year's. We scrounged three different color bed sheets for the wall covering.

At the end of the week, the lath was taken to the recycling center to be turned into wood chips for landscape mulch, but the studs are being saved for next year.