Kitchens & Baths

Idzerda / Mosley kitchen / bath

This house has a magnificent view of the water and mountains through a row of large picture windows.  The principal rooms all faced the view, and we opened the walls between them while still defining each separate space.

The kitchen was enlarged and completely remodeled to maximize counter space and cabinet storage.  A new master bathroom and bedroom were deftly fit into the former gallery and hallway on the street side of the house.  The bathroom features a soaking tub under a new skylight and a generous limestone tiled shower with glass door.

countertops: serpentine stone
cabinets: alder veneer
splash: limestone tile
flooring: oak

Coomer kitchen


The kitchen and bath of this mid-century home was enlarged by demolishing a pantry and enclosing an unused back door landing. By removing the wall dividing the kitchen from dining we connected them both to the living room and to the western view of the mountains.

Countertops: Durat solid surface
Cabinets: maple veneer
Splash: recycled aluminum tiles
Flooring: cleft Montauk black slate

Kaysen kitchen

Complete remodel and expansion of existing kitchen in a Craftsman house. A new archway to the dining room allows an uninterrupted view from the living room through the dining room and the kitchen to the roof deck . An existing skylight along with new south facing windows flood the remodeled kitchen with natural light.

countertops: Novustone recycled glass solid surface
cabinets: cherry veneer
splash: ceramic tiles with glass tile accents
flooring: V&B Bernina porcelain tile with glass tile accents

Beckett / Herbert kitchen

This 1929 brick Georgian was beautifully preserved inside and out, except the kitchen had been remodeled in the 1970s.  We opened the wall between the kitchen and the dining room to visually connect the two spaces, but kept guests and family out of the cook's way by separating the two rooms with a peninsula.

The remodel remained wholly within the existing 12' by 12' room, but still managed to increase cabinet and countertop space, and to include a desk nook for paying bills.  The cook's 50 favorite herbs and spices are displayed in glass bottles within easy reach of the stove.

countertops: Richlite and granite
cabinets: cherry veneer
splash: porcelain tile
flooring: oak

Harman / Shapiro bath

Half of the main roof of this existing house in Seattle was lifted just enough to create a new master bathroom and dressing room.  The entire bathroom floor is sloped to the shower drain and is finished with large slabs of slate recycled from classroom chalkboards. 

Under the floor and behind the walls of the shower are radiant heat tubing.  New skylights brighten the open double shower, and the soaking tub has a view out the row of new windows.  All the green tile is made from 100% recycled glass.

Atcheson kitchen / bath

The remodel opened the formerly isolated kitchen, dining room, and living room to each other by replacing old walls with a new beam and post.  A built in bench at the new back window doubles as overflow seating and shoe bench for arrival through the back door.  A hole in the countertop has a stainless steel bucket and lid for collection of food scraps for composting.

The bathroom's dated pink tile and pink fixtures were updated with glass tile, white fixtures, and a new glass block window in the shower.  A friend's handmade pottery bowl was converted to a new sink.

countertops: colored concrete
cabinets: alder veneer
splash: recycled glass tile
flooring: slate tile