low VOC

EHH week 35: painting

As the project nears the end, the walls and ceilings get painted.  To assure optimal indoor air quality, Model Remodel used a zero VOC (volatile organic compound) paint manufactured in nearby Portland, Oregon.  The painter had never used Yolo Colorhouse paint before, but was pleased that it went on smooth and leveled well.


The homeowners’ preference was for a simple color palette, so most of the paint is a creamy white.  A few rooms received accent colors, such as green in the master bedroom.  As is customary, each color choice was painted on a piece of wall before making the final selection.


Besides low VOC paint, all of the other finishes, sealers, caulks, and adhesives used in the interior of the house were specified to be low VOC.  This meant that there was no unpleasant chemical smell inside during the finishing phase of the project.


The house really looks sharp with the paint in place.  The white acts as a muted backdrop for the warmth of the wood floors or the cool grey of the concrete floors.  The dark window frames provide a bold accent, as does the powdercoated steel at beams and railings.  The absence of wood trim at windows, doors, and wall base is most noticeable now, and the spare detailing really makes for serene rooms.