VELOCIPEDE regularly lectures on eco-design to professionals and the public.


"Healthy Specifications," Healthy Home Training (April, 2019)

"Doing Without (a Car) and Thriving," Northwest Ecobuilding Guild (March, 2019)

"Phantom Lake Passivhaus: Lessons from the Field," Passive House Northwest Conference (March, 2018)

"Straw Bale Construction: a Crash Course" Northwest Ecobuilding Guild (January, 2018)

"Durability," Passive House Northwest Conference (April, 2017)

"Healthy Specifications," Healthy Home Training (March, 2017)

"Carnation Passivhaus," Green Building Slam (November, 2016)

"Bicycle Commuting: Why and How," Solarfest (July, 2016)

"Energy Simulation for Single Family Houses," Timber Framers Guild Conference (October, 2015)

"Feng Shui Passivhaus," Green building Slam (October, 2015)

"Roy Passivhaus," Built Green Conference (September,2015)

"Roy Passivhaus," Passive House Northwest Conference (March, 2015)

"Aamodt Passivhaus," Passive House Seattle (May, 2014)

"Family Feud: Remodelers vs Builders," Master Builders Association (March, 2014)

"Northwest Net Zero Residence," Appraisal Institute (February, 2014)

"Amazing Historic House Gets Deep Green Remodel," Northwest Ecobuilding Guild 10x10x10 (November, 2013)

"Net Zero Energy Homes," Built Green Conference (November, 2013)

"Advanced Framing," Northwest Ecobuilding Guild (October, 2013)

"Are We There Yet?" AIGA Seattle Designers Accord Town Hall (October, 2012)

"Building Beyond 5-Star," Built Green Conference (September, 2012)

"Energy Simulation: Hands On Training," Northwest Ecobuilding Guild (October, 2011)

"Healthy Specifications," Healthy Home Training (October, 2011)

"Northwest Harvest House," Built Green Conference (September, 2011)

"Markham / Mashuda Remodel / Addition," Northwest Ecobuilding Guild 10x10x10 (September, 2011)

"Green Remodeling," Mother Earth News Fair (June, 2011)

"Family Feud: Architects vs Builders," Northwest Ecobuilding Guild (May, 2011)

"Aamodt Passivhaus," Passivehouse Seattle (February, 2011)

"Northwest Net Zero House," Northwest Ecobuilding Guild (October, 2010)

"Passivhaus," King County Green Tools (June, 2010)

"Co-opetition," Built Green Conference (March, 2010)

"Foam," Northwest Ecobuilding Guild (January, 2010)

"PCC Natural Market - Edmonds," AIA Committee on the Environment (October, 2009)

"Energy Simulation for Single Family Houses," Congress on Residential Architecture (June, 2009)

"Energy Modeling," Northwest Ecobuilding Guild (February, 2009)

"Olivers House Green Remodel," Sustainable Snohomish (October, 2008)

"Designing for a Healthy Home," Healthy Home Training (October, 2008)

"PCC Natural Market - Edmonds," North Sound LEED Users Group (September, 2008)

"PCC Natural Market - Edmonds," International Council of Shopping Centers (May, 2008)

"The House That Craigslist Built," King County Master Recycler Training (March, 2008)

"PCC Natural Market - Redmond," King County Green Tools (March, 2008)

"Innovative Remodeling," Built Green Conference (March, 2008)

"Green Home Case Studies," Whole Foods Market (May, 2007)

"The New Built Green Single Family Checklist," Built Green Conference (March, 2007)

"It Takes a Team to be Green," Northwest Ecobuilding Guild 10x10x10 (September, 2005)

"Prefab Houses: Sears Modern Homes," Congress on Residential Architecture (August, 2005)

"It's Easy Being Green - Case Studies," AIA Northwest Regional Conference (August, 2005)

"Attainable Sustainable," Seattle Public Library (March, 2005)

"Integrated Design and Built Green," Built Green Conference (March, 2005)

"Green Kitchen Design," live KIRO 710 radio broadcast from Seattle Home Show (February, 2005)

"Why the Construction Industry Should Use Biodiesel," Biodiesel Conference (September, 2004)

"PCC Natural Markets: Case Study," Northwest Sustainability Conference (May, 2004)

"Evaluating the Home as a System," Built Green Conference (April, 2004)

"Integrated Design," Built Green Seminar (October, 2003)

"Green Building in the Natural Products Industry," Natural Products Expo West, Anaheim (March, 2003)

"Huppert Remodel/Addition," AIA Continuing Education, (March, 2003)

"Space," Living Green in the Pipers Creek Watershed (October, 2002)

"The Green Building Experience," Environmental Home Center 10th Anniversary, (September, 2002)

"Think Green - Old Ideas Made with New Materials," Ballard Historical Society (February, 2001)