Stop by our office most Fridays from 4pm to 6pm for free advice and consultation on green design and ecobuilding.  Call ahead at (206) 529-9356 to confirm we'll be there.

We want to share what we've learned with homeowners, builders, architects, engineers, and the general public.

Examples of questions we can answer:

  • Which is the better fuel choice, electricity or natural gas?
  • How to prepare a Waste Management Plan for a house remodeling project?
  • How to run a computer energy simulation using DOE2 software?
  • What are the basics of a photovoltaic system and how much does it cost?
  • What size does my rainwater tank need to be?
  • Where do I get recycled content countertops?
  • How do I lay out the wall studs in the advanced framing method?
  • Does code allow reused structural beams?
  • What is the best thing I can do to improve the indoor air quality of my home?